Farrier Education

Nigel is happy to give clinics to both qualified farriers and apprentices, either at his forge or away. Experienced in providing tuition and giving lectures to individuals or groups of 200 farriers, days can be tailored to meet individual needs.

Areas covered –

  • tool making and maintenance
  • shoemaking
  • trimming and shoeing
  • preparation in both practical and theory for the forging examination, WCF Diploma examination and WCF Associate examination

Please get in touch with Nigel on 07970 786860 to discuss individual requirements.

Comments from previous attendees –

Nigel Brown is one of the best clinicians I have had visit my forge in the five years I have been holding clinics. He allows everyone to work at their own pace, catering for all standards.

During the clinic he demonstrated some basic skills including warm ups (which many overlook) and tool functionality.

Nigel made a fuller during the clinic, which I still use, and have hardly had to dress. It is the best fuller I own.

Simon Legge AWCF, September 2013

Nigel’s clinics are exceptional, he obviously puts a lot of thought into planning each clinic, which keeps a good momentum to the day. He has a really good understanding of the mechanics of shoe/tool making, which gives a clear definition to the methods he uses. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative day.

Luke Silcock AWCF, September 2013