Nigel was lucky to secure a good apprenticeship when he decided upon farriery as a career and this provided a great foundation for him to build upon. Training farriers for the future and contributing to raising the standard of farriery, and ultimately equine welfare, is important to both Nigel and Claire. We take the responsibility of training very seriously and invest into the apprenticeship period. Apprentices are encouraged to attend clinics, conferences, lectures and practical demonstrations in addition to participating in shoemaking and shoeing competitions and forging in their own time. Apprentices are a valuable part of the N R Brown Farriers Team. We do expect high standards and will not tolerate any behaviour that may compromise the reputation of the business.

To Apply

To apply for an apprenticeship with N R Brown Farriers please contact us in writing. The letter may be typed or handwritten (providing it is neat!) and should be addressed appropriately and spell checked. First impressions are everything! Do tell us why you want to become a farrier, what equine experience you have, whether you have any forging or farriery experience and please include a full cv. A polite phone call to follow up your application may be beneficial. We endeavour to contact and respond to everyone who has applied once we have sorted through applications prior to the next intake at the colleges.

Should you be successful we will invite you to join us for a period of work experience. In addition to providing us with an opportunity to assess you this is a chance for you to find out if we are the right placement for you – we encourage you to ask questions to both Nigel and Claire and the rest of the team.