COVID-19: minimising risk

Throughout this week we have been extremely mindful of our responsibilities both as individuals and under the Animal Welfare Act. We will not expose our family, our employees or clients to any unnecessary risks.

DEFRA has this week confirmed that farriers can continue to provide “urgent” hoof care attention. Many of you will have seen the ‘traffic light’ system initiated by the British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association (BFBA) that assists both farriers and owners to assess the need for their horse or pony to have an appointment. (Claire is responsible for public relations at the BFBA and was at the forefront of the discussion that led to this advice).

To clarify –

  • Horses or ponies who require restraint or being held are deemed an unnecessary risk and will not be seen at this time.
  • If at any time an owner or carer does not abide by the minimum 2 metre social distancing guidelines, we will remove ourselves from your premises
  • If you would like to consider having shoes removed temporarily please do have a chat with Nigel to see if this is suitable for your horse or pony.
  • Whilst not usually advised we may, in these exceptional circumstances, suggest extending the period between your usual hoofcare appointments. This will not be done unreasonably and at an unnecessary risk to your horse or pony.
  • If you have been told by your regular farrier that your horse or pony is not urgent please do not call us for an appointment. Our services during this time are limited to our regular clients only.

Thank you to those clients who have been in touch and we understand that this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone. We have a professional responsibility to ensure that we are minimising travel (to and between clients) and are adhering to the guidelines provided by the government.

Wishing you health and resilience in the coming weeks,

Nigel and Claire.