Hoof health advances with innovative Horseshoe Nail

Hoof health advances with innovative Horseshoe Nail

Nigel has recently been involved in the trial of an exciting new horseshoe nail, launched at the British Equestrian Veterinary Association Congress in October 2015.

The Liberty Cu [patent pending] Horseshoe Nail is the first horseshoe nail to successfully utilise an antimicrobial copper coating to inhibit and restrict the entrance and proliferation of bacteria in the equine hoof wall.

The control of bacteria from entering the hoof walls through the nail holes reduces the risk of infections and helps to maintain a strong, healthy hoof wall.  An integral hoof wall helps to reduce the risk of lost shoes, infections, lameness and unwanted expense.

Improvement in hoof health has been noted within just one shoeing cycle. Nigel has used the new nails in a white footed horse, prone to “flaking and brittleness” and noticed a “marked decrease in black marking in both the walls and whiteline within the first six week period”. This improvement has continued in subsequent appointments. Delighted owner, Claire Barnes, stated “Monty’s hooves look healthier and are certainly stronger than they were before. I would not go back to regular nails now.”

If you would like to discuss these nails – or see one – please do speak to Nigel.