June already!

Everyone I speak to seems to comment on how quickly this year is going, it is certainly flying by!

The last few weeks have seen multiple cases of laminitis. This warm weather, combined with damp conditions is providing perfect conditions for the grass. Whether or not your horse or pony is prone to laminitis it always pays to be vigilant; excess weight gain is not desirable. If you are concerned at all please do contact us.

In May Nigel and Emily (in addition to Harry and Alistair) attended a Jim Ferrie FWCF clinic hosted by Stromsholm South Wales. Jim’s clinic was entitled “The Importance of Level Foot Fall” and demonstrated the use and application of spiral shoes. Jim is a friend of ours, a highly regarded farrier, and it was a pleasure to listen to him, in addition to providing us with plenty of ‘food for thought’. Farriery clinics such as these encourage farriers to continually think about their work. In addition to sharing knowledge and skills they always encourage healthy debate and enable farriers to comment on their experiences and cases. It was good to catch up with many farriers there and was a very useful evening.

Jim Ferrie FWCF Clinic held at Stromsholm South Wales.

Nigel and Emily have enjoyed multiple placings at shows in the last few weeks, including a Championship win for Nigel at Stafford County Show. This weekend Emily travels to the South of England for the farriery competition there and the following weekend both Nigel and Emily will be at the Royal Three Counties. If you are at a show with a farrier competition taking place, do come and see if you can spot us and say hello!

Nigel Brown AWCF Stafford County Show Champion 2019 with judge Paul Duddy AWCF (left) and competition organiser Jonathan Nunn FWCF (right)

Yesterday Nigel was at the Royal Cornwall Show judging the Worshipful Company of Farriers Best Shod Horse Award in the hunter classes. It is always a pleasure to see good farriery in every day shoeing and our congratulations to those that took home the placards and rosettes!