Nigel part of successful Four Man team in Scotland

Nigel Brown, Andy Martin, Ryan MacDonald and Billy Crothers (not pictured) win the Four Man team competition.

Nigel, alongside Andy Martin AWCF, Billy Crothers AWCF and Ryan MacDonald DipWCF, won the Four Man team competition at the Ayrshire Branch 40th Anniversary Shoeing and Shoemaking Competition held on the 22nd – 24th March 2018.

Considered to be the largest shoeing competition in the world, and indeed one of the most prestigious, the Ayrshire Branch competition is hosted by J & A Ferrie Farrier Supplies.

Having been off the ‘competition circuit’ for a couple of years Nigel has removed the rust from his tools and proven he has not lost either his enthusiasm for competing, or his competitive ability.

Emily also traveled to Scotland and gained a superb 6th place in a very tough 1st and 2nd Year Apprentice Class!

At last the weather is improving. It has been a very trying time for farriers and horse owners alike with endless rain, snow and mud! We look forward to a lovely spring and summer ahead and wish you many enjoyable days with your horses ahead.